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Bob DiPiero

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Since his first #1 in 1983, Hall of Fame Songwriter Bob DiPiero has been responsiblefor an uninterrupted string of country music hits. One of Nashville’s most prolific andconsistent songwriters, Bob possesses a humble drive to keep learning and stayrelevant. He has had over 1,000 songs recorded by other artists, countless hit singles,and an astounding 15 #1 hits. His songs have been featured in TV shows, commercialsand movies. Among his countless awards are 50 BMI Million–Air honors, multipleSongwriter of the Year awards and 2 consecutive Triple Play awards for 3 #1 songswithin a 12–month period. In 2007, Bob was inducted into the Nashville SongwritersHall of Fame and Nashville’s Walk of Fame. In 2014, the Country Music Hall of Famehonored Bob with their prestigious “Poets and Prophets Series: Salute to LegendarySongwriter Bob DiPiero” and the Country Music Association also presented Bob withthe CMA Chairman’s Award. On November 7, 2017 Bob DiPiero received yet another incredible honor when BMI presented him with their prestigious Icon Award celebratinghis outstanding career achievement and honoring his unique and indelible influence ongenerations of music makers. This remarkable accolade leaves no question that BobDiPiero’s career has truly been iconic.